Live performances

In this section I simply provide a number of ragtime related YouTube videos. There are a lot more available there so see this as a starter only. Click on the tab to select type of performance: Piano, Guitar, Group, Orchestra or Other. Select video by clicking on a thumbnail.


The Peacherine Ragtime Orchestra:

Peacherine Rag (1901) by Scott Joplin
Video Thumbnail

Sharkey & Co:

Cole Smoke (1906) by Clarence H. St.John
Video Thumbnail

Ophelia Ragtime Orchestra:

Grizzly Bear Rag (1910) by George Botsford
Video Thumbnail

River Raisin Ragtime Revue:

High Society (1901) by Porter Steel
Video Thumbnail

Paragon Ragtime Orchestra:

Maple Leaf Rag (1899) by Scott Joplin
Video Thumbnail

Heliotrope Ragtime Orchestra:

Operatic Rag (1914) by Julius Lenzberg
Video Thumbnail

Red Rose Ragtime Band:

Creole Belles (1900) by J.Bodewalt Lampe
Video Thumbnail

Bohem Ragtime Band:

Kinklets (1906) by Arthur Marshall
Video Thumbnail

Chamber Orchestra Kremlin:

Paragon Rag (1909) by Scott Joplin
Video Thumbnail

Peruna Jazzmen:

That Eccentric Rag (1912) by J.Russell Robinson
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