Live performances

In this section I simply provide a number of ragtime related YouTube videos. There are a lot more available there so see this as a starter only. Click on the tab to select type of performance: Piano, Guitar, Group, Orchestra or Other. Select video by clicking on a thumbnail.


Ragnolia Ragtette:

Temptation Rag (1909) by Henry Lodge
Video Thumbnail

Saxtravaganza 2007:

Smiles And Chuckles (1917) by F.Henri Klickmann
Video Thumbnail

Meredith Axelrod and fellows:

Sunflower Slow Drag (1901) by Scott Joplin & Scott Hayden
Video Thumbnail

Ragtime Banjo Duo:

Red Pepper (1910) by Henry Lodge
Video Thumbnail

Raspberry Jam Band:

The Ragtime Dance (1906) by Scott Joplin
Video Thumbnail


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